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A community for all clickable your sprites
This started out as a community for sprites/dragons from the DragonCave, but if you have any clickable pets, they're welcome here!

disclaimer: i am not affiliated with DragonCave, (or any of the other adoptable sites) i do not know TJ (or any other site owner). i'm just an obsessed dragon fan. (and i like clicking?)

thanks to valady for the header! :D

As of now, these are the rules:
*membership and posting is unmoderated. behave yourselves.

*Rule Change: Put huge sprites under a cut, and if you're posting a LOT of creatures, put them behind a cut as well. Sprites dependent on views are ok outside a cut. Also, if a Dragon Cave sprite needs help (has less than 3 days to go), i would recommend leaving this outside a cut. ***Please note, anyone posting HUGE sprites outside a cut will get three chances before posting privileges are revoked. thank you***

*use the html posting option; the codes don't seem to play well with the rich text.

*feel free to post when you think your sprites need posting; twice a day is usually a good guideline. Please don't post five entries in a row, edit a previous entry in this case. However, if a dragon needs help (has around 3-1/2 days to go), feel free to post every few hours or so.

*if you post your clickable critters, it's common courtesy to view/click others' critters as well.

*please don't post your clickable critters or links to your critters post in comments to other entries.

*New Rule: Please only post your sprites once per post. do not post the same egg or hatchie twice (or more times) in the same post. it's redundant. ***Please note, anyone posting sprites more than once per post will get three chances before posting privileges are revoked. thank you***

*you can post other creatures here (UniCreatures, Valenths, DragonAdopters, etc.) as well!

*have fun

*rules will be updated as necessary - watch this space
*other place to post your dragons:
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*membership is moderated

dragonspam_er - less than 3 days left
dragon_er - less than 2 days left

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*other place to post your other critters:
*membership is moderated

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